I’ve been in an accident. What should I do now?

The aftermath of an accident can be scary and confusing. It is important that you take these steps following an accident:

  1. Seek medical attention immediately and keep all documents acquired

  2. If contact was not available at the time of the accident, seek contact information for the responsible party and any witnesses

  3. Contact a personal injury attorney and schedule a free consultation

Before the initial consultation, I may request the documents you have compiled thus far to get the most out of our first meeting as possible. Personal injury cases can be very sensitive and your mobility may be affected by your injury. I understand your situation with compassion and encourage you to bring along support if you feel more comfortable bringing someone to meet with me. My goal is to take care of your legal needs so you can focus on recovery.

What if I’m partly to blame for my accident?

If your accident was the result of someone else’s negligence but you also contributed to the accident, what happens next depends on who is deemed more “at fault” for causing the accident in the first place. If you are found less than half at fault, then you may be entitled to partial compensation. In the state of Illinois, the percentage of fault is determined in your settlement hearings and during litigation.

Because it is the defense’s job to establish that you were primarily to blame for the accident, a highly skilled and well-experienced personal injury attorney is often necessary to reach a desirable outcome. Let my experienced and insight work for your compensation. Throughout the 30 years, I have practiced law, I have cultivated a network of expert witnesses that can investigate and evaluate the circumstances and conditions under which you were injured.

If you or someone you know has suffered an injury due to negligence, give me a call. I will fight for just and proper compensation for your injuries with your best interest in mind.