Personal Injury

When your independence has been taken away at the hands of another person’s negligence, feeling angry, betrayed, confused, and vulnerable are all natural and justified emotions. Even minor injuries can cause considerable disruptions in your life and your overall self-reliance. But the worst part is you can’t even blame yourself. You wouldn’t have been injured if someone else hadn’t failed to act responsibly.

What is considered a personal injury case?

Personal injury cases can arise out of many diverse and often complex situations. To give you a general idea, when a personal injury has been sustained due to negligence or reckless behavior (e.g. reckless driving, safety code violations, dangerous conditions, etc.) you may have a personal injury claim. Practicing personal injury cases for over 30 years, I have gained exceptional skill in the following areas:

  • Car and truck accidents
  • Premises liability
  • Slip and fall accidents
  • Defective products or product liability
  • Construction accidents
  • Accidents that are the result of poor security, such as assault
  • Workers’ compensation

These are just the common cases of personal injury claims, but no matter your situation, I can help. I am happy to discuss any legal questions you have in regards to your case and am fully prepared to represent you in court in order to achieve the highest settlement possible.

Personal Injury Attorney Serving Bloomington, Illinois

Have you been injured in an auto accident? Do you have an injury requiring extensive medical care? Was your injury the result of poor conditions, safety code violations, or simple negligence? The negligence or liable party should be held accountable for your accident. With my skill and experience, I can help you pursue justice and proper compensation for your injuries and suffering.