Civil Litigation covers a broad range of business and personal disputes. Such disputes include breach of contract, medical malpractice, negligence, fault disputes, landlord/tenants disputes, and construction disputes. The role of the litigator is to have substantive knowledge of the law, so he can be an ardent advocate for his client. As your civil litigation attorney, John Hoekstra can successfully resolve your disputes with other parties in trials, hearings, arbitrations, and mediations.

John Hoekstra will provide you with a clear understanding of the litigation process, what to expect as your case moves forward, and provide you with clear straight forward advice along the way, and answers to your questions.

The Phases to the Litigation Process: Investigation - The initial assessment of the case, which includes gathering documents and getting witness statements.

Pleadings – A plaintiff attorney drafts a complaint on behalf of the client, whereas a defense attorney investigates the allegations and formulates a response. This could also include making motions to strike or dismiss, or amend the pleadings.

Discovery – The exchange of relevant information between the two parties in the lawsuit. This allows the litigator to identify and address issues, and develop a strategy for the case.

Pre-Trial – This is the preparation stage for the trial as litigators formulate their strategy and prepare for their day in court.

Trial – This stage includes jury selection, opening statements, cross-examination of witnesses, presenting of evidence, and closing arguments.

Appeal – When a trial's outcome is unfavorable, the litigation attorney may appeal the case. The litigator then drafts post-trial motions, identifies the issues for appeal and develops an appellate strategy.

Assertive Litigation attorney in Illinois Civil litigations can easily become long drawn out proceedings with complex issues. In order to manage and steer the dialogue towards a successful resolution, you need a proactive and experienced trial attorney. John Hoekstra is a litigation attorney. With John Hoekstra on your side, you can have the peace of mind that he will bring the case to conclusion effectively and as soon as possible.

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